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Style Hacks: How to Look Taller

Whoever said that humans are a breed of never satisfying beings, was right. You are beautiful as you are. Your body type doesn’t define your beauty. In case you are still looking for style hacks that will make you taller and leaner, these are some of the tricks you should swear by.

1. Skin show

If you want to look dollar and Lena showing some skin in the upper half of your body is a good idea. A long v-neck will balance your broader hip and a little skin between your chin and chest will make your body proportions look better.


2. Pumps

Another hack that can help you appear taller and slimmer is wearing a pointy pump. This will give your body a great posture.


3. Shapewear

Invest in good shapewear. These will not only make you look tall but will enhance your curves too.


4. Accessorize smartly

Wearing a long necklace is a good idea as it will make your neck look taller. Also, this will bring attention to your front.


5. Jacket and jeans

If you are pairing a jacket over jeans, that’s the smartest idea to look taller. The jackets hide the curves in a smarter way.


As you have read the hacks, you are all set to look taller and sexy.

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