The Face Mask Mistakes That Are Better Avoided

At this hour of crisis, we are “blessed” with an unwanted but definitely imperative accessory for everyday use. Starting from a basic style, this accessory soon made it to every designer’s sketchbook and now we are spoilt for prints, textures and fabrics. What am I talking about? Face masks. With face masks becoming a daily necessity, some of us are bound to make certain face mask mistakes. Trust me when I say this, you really want to avoid these face mask mistakes. Keen to know what mistakes you are making? Keep reading.

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1. An ill-fitted mask

If you got a small face size, it’s a tad difficult for you to buy masks. Hence, the face mask mistakes. An ill-fitted mask means adjusting it continuously which leads to touching your face over and over again. Touching your face is a no-no remember? To avoid this, invest in adjustable face masks. Adjustable ear straps or that tie at the neck are the solutions.

2. Choosing the material

face mask mistakes

The designers have served us with ample options to choose from but always keep the material in mind while buying a face mask. One of the most common face mask mistakes is choosing a thick fabric. It’s summer and you definitely don’t want an uncomfortable fabric adding to the misery of wearing a mask. Go for a breathable fabric so that you don’t suffocate in the scorching weather.

3. Mask and lipsticks

face mask mistakes

If you are a lipstick lover like me, your day is probably incomplete with a tinge of colour on your lips. However, face masks and lipsticks doesn’t go hand in hand. To avoid the face mask mistakes related to this, either opt for transfer-proof lipsticks or lip stains. If not either, go for a darker shade of face mask.

4. A mask carrier

face mask mistakes

You need to remove the mask at least once in a day. Where to keep the mask when it’s not on your face? You sure can’t leave it on the table or stash it in your handbag. To avoid the face mask mistakes related to this, carry a separate pouch or envelope to keep your mask when you remove it.

5. An array of masks

face mask mistakes

Wearing a dirty mask is a strict no-no. This is one of the face mask mistakes that many of us must have made. If you are going out almost every day during this pandemic, you need to stock up on masks. Repeating a mask for two consecutive days can lead to a grave problem. That’s why at least have a minimum of 3 washable masks so that you go through your weak without repetition.

6. Makeup and masks

Wearing a mask in summer can lead to skin problems. As masks trap moisture, heavy makeup can lead to issues like acne and skin breakage. Go for a light or dewy makeup in order to steer clear of these worries.

Apart from these, don’t forget to cover your mouth and nose properly with your mask.

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