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A Take On Gender-Neutral Fashion Brands In India

As gender-neutral fashion keeps on gaining momentum, some homegrown brands are taking a turn to redefine fashion. With a design that’s focused on silhouette and structure, the gender-neutral fashion brands in India are all set to alter the sartorial landscape of the industry. To satiate your mood of transcending gender norms, these Indian labels bring to the forefront designs that change the course of androgynous clothing. When it comes to gender-neutral fashion brands in India, they have identified and rectified the fallacy that was androgynous clothes. Defining a fresh take on gender-neutral fashion, these brands are transforming the arena of genderless fashion.

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1. NorBlack NorWhite

gender neutral fashion brands in India
Founded by Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar, NBNW is one of the androgynous fashion brands in India that marry the modern forms with the languishing art forms of the nation. Think of the coveted handicrafts of the land coming together to stress the idea of androgyny.

2. Anaam

gender neutral fashion brands in India
A brand that helps its consumers to assert their identity through art. A brand that stresses the idea of gender fluidity through its silhouette and structure. Anaam, one of the gender-neutral fashion brands in India presents a retake on the idea of “misfits”.

3. Kallol Datta

gender neutral fashion brands in India
If your idea of androgynous fashion includes playing with various fabrics and structures, this is the brand for you. Kallol Datta’s collection breaks free from the societal norms and delineates gender neutrality.

4. Heumn

The brainchild of Shyma Shetty and Pranav Mishra, the brand played against the rule of e-commerce. The duo introduced a dedicated space for gender-neutral clothing. Even with limited options, they have successfully put forward the importance of androgynous fashion.

5. The Pot Plant

Propagating the idea that “clothes can be shared, repeated, re-invented and should not be classified based on gender”, The Pot Plant marries gender-neutral fashion and sustainability. Bringing two major concepts under the same umbrella, this is one of the unisex fashion brands in India that uses 100% human tag on their clothes.

Helping society to break free from the binary of fashion, these homegrown brands are introducing androgynous clothing into our daily lives. With designers now focused on the design rather than the male/female aspect shines a new light on the industry.

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