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Styling Tips 101; Summer Wedding Outfits For Men

Every time someone from your close circle goes “I am getting married”, it kick starts a chain of reactions. With people becoming ecstatic to people like me, who start planning their outfit. Well, weddings are special and we definitely wanna put our best foot forward. Trust me girls got it easy with their plethora of options. From lehenga to salwar, to saree, we just got it easy. What about the boys? The summer wedding outfits for men can be a tricky subject with their limited styles and color palette preferences. I recently helped my brother style an outfit for a wedding and realized the dire need for some styling suggestions for the guys out there. So here goes…

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1. Monochrome Indian

summer wedding outfits for men

When we are talking about summer wedding outfits for men, our Indian classics will always be chart-topper. Taking the season into consideration, it’s a smart option to keep the color palette really soothing. A white/ off-white set of kurta, pajama, and overcoat are enough to win hearts. Complete the look with leather sliders or jutis.

2. Jodhpuri suits

summer wedding outfits for men

Weddings and Indian traditional pieces are a match made in heaven. For summer wedding outfits for men, Jodhpuri suits with contrast or monochrome pajama will be a good pick. The color palette can be shooting and basic. Feeling like a daredevil? Pick your shade.

3. The classic kurta look

Kurtas are an all-time favorite for some guys. However, for summer wedding outfits for men, this should be a definite pick. Kurtas can uplift any look within seconds and the best part is the comfortable fabric for the season.

4. Western ways

For guys who are not so sure about the Indian picks, western is always an option. The only thing to remember is that you don’t end up with a daily office look. Pick colors that are not basic and formal. Accessorize your look with a pocket square or cufflinks. If you are wearing a solid ensemble, go for a quirky printed pocket square and vice versa.

Weddings are a great place to show off your styling. Just a little smart pairing up and accessorizing, and you are there. All spruced up and dashing for the ceremony!

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