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Couple Styling Because Couples Who Slay Together, Stay Together

A couple of days back I came across a social media trend where they say there is an underdressed boyfriend for every overdressed girlfriend. I know! Been there and faced that. Traumatic! What if I say that I have found a way to tackle that? Couple styling is quite easy if you keep the end goal in perspective. That’s right! Think about the final aesthetics you want. Now, you can either work through the color palette or the style itself. Keep in mind that it’s not easy for the guys to play with the entire spectrum. So, if you are suggesting something to your man, keep the styling limitations in mind. With that let’s see how you can ace couple styling.

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1. For the traditional affairs

couple styling

The family occasions or the festivities call for garments that are closer to home and heart. If the girls are going for saree or salwar, guys can go with a safer option to kurta. Jodhpuris and sherwani might be a challenge for some but kurta is a traditional basic and hella comfortable.

2. A casual night out

couple styling

For a casual night out jeans is a safe pick. Get the couple styling right by keeping the overall vibe casual and relaxed. Go for a loose silhouette and minimal accessories. For the guys, pick a color that complements your better half’s attire.

3. Formal to semi-formal plans

couple styling

Couple styling for this particular bit is comparatively easy. Things to keep in the checklist- a blazer for guys and a long coat for the girls. With that, make sure you both are going for a neutral color palette and minimal accessories.

4. Contemporary vibe


A little tricky but not to worry. The trick to working couple styling for a contemporary vibe is to include something traditional in your look. If the girls are going for salwar or kurta, they can spin the styling with modern elements. Whereas the guys can contemporize their look by including either a short kurta or traditional print.

5. Date night

couple styling

Date nights are special! When you get ready for the special affair it just shows that you are making efforts and taking initiative. In order to nail the couple styling girls can go for a slip dress or plan a look with a pencil skirt. For the guys, shirts with self-design or a serious vibe will do the trick. To keep in mind- the elegant outlook.

Well, it has been rightly said that couples who slay together, stay together. So, the next time you plan to go out for a special something, make sure you keep these tricks in mind.
P.S. the awesome human being standing tall beside me is the one who sweeps me off my feet.

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