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Winter Trends 2021: Three Ss To Swear By

Christmas is almost around the corner and the season of layers is upon us. We are again standing at the time when we delightfully keep aside our sexy dresses and embrace the warmth of the woolens. As dull as this season already is, let’s pour some quirk into it. For the winter trends 2021, here are the items of fashion that you should swear by. This time, the season of chills is being ruled by these three Ss. Silk, sequins and silver are what our winter wardrobe is craving for. And for the ones who already own something from this category, here’s a little cue on styling it.

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1. Silk

Winter Trends 2021
Not a suitable fabric for the winter season but the winter trends 2021 is giving it a moment of stardom with smart layering. Silk or satin is making a run for the daily wear segment with a major revamp. Ditching the sultry slip dresses, the fabric is now being used for pantsuits, jumpsuits, and whatnot. Styling- let’s not forget the hero is “silk”. Wear it on top of a complementing turtleneck or above it. When above, tug it under a belt that I suggest you wear above the dress.

2. Sequins

Winter Trends 2021
Let’s bring the drama back to our closet with the sparkly outlook of sequins. From prints to patterns, sequins are what we need to glow. When the season itself is gloomy, ecstatic fashion elements make sure our mood is uplifted. Such is the allure of this material.
Styling- as sequins can be too loud of a statement, it’s advised to pair it with a solid counterpart. For a sequined top, choose solid bottom wear and for a sequined skirt/ trousers, solid upper wear will do the trick.

3. Silver

This is a metal that is going to matter this season for the winter trends 2021. The luster and sheen of sliver have now seeped into fashion and we are in love with the bold results. The unadulterated smooth texture and blinding radiance are what we want to incorporate in our looks at the moment.
Styling- styling this element could be a little tricky. Solid knitted turtlenecks are always a great option. Play a little risque with a solid bright color sweatshirt or pullover if you are opting for silver trousers. If you think it’s too bold to handle, there is an option of silver boots as well. Imagine a look with a black hoodie, black jeans, and those over-the-top silver boots. I am all heart!

The winter trends 2021 are breaking down the winter norms by introducing quirks and statements into the space. This season, bring your styling a game into the forefront by picking bright colors and statement pieces over the super-comfy XL hoodies and joggers.

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