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Oversized Clothing and The Tips To Ace It!

This summer give yourself the best of style and fashion. As the temperature breaks record every day, we have to adapt to the scorching heat. For the ladies who are not the ones to compromise on style, oversized clothing comes as a savior. If you are a little skeptical about the wonder that is oversized clothing, after this, you can ace the look just fine. It looks like a challenge but if styled properly, these ensembles are sure to turn heads. Want a little inspiration? Scroll through the Instagram feed of Bollywood style icons such as Neha Dhupia among others. Now that you are interested to know more, keep scrolling.

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1. Kaftans

Oversized Clothing

The best friend you need during this summer heat and the queen of oversized clothing. Kaftans are a great pick for the formal as well as brunch scenes. You can go for something printed or something solid. While styling a printed one, make sure you have minimal accessories as prints tend to have a strong visual effect. Whereas with the solid kaftans, accessories are your savior.

2. Straight fit kurta

Oversized Clothing

When we talk about oversized clothing, straight-fit kurtas deserve a due mention. These are perfect for any formal look and the fit makes them the best pick for the summer day. When you shop for a straight-fit kurta, go for a size big so that you have the ‘oversized’ appeal.

3. Shirt and trousers

When you opt for an oversized shirt, it’s advised to go for narrower trousers. If you feel a little brave, go for an overall baggy look. A bespoke oversized shirt with bespoke trousers always saves the day. Keep the accessories minimal for a chic outlook.

4. Tunic and jeans

Another classic pick when it comes to oversized clothing. If you want that chic and comfy look for the day, pairing a tunic with loose-fitted jeans is a good idea. Go for mom jeans or a trouser with a similar fit. Bootcut or straight-fitted jeans won’t give you the desired results. For accessories, opt for a little junk.

Heading out for the day and the temperature is at an all-time high? Give yourself the best of comfortable fashion with the magic of oversized clothing. From formal to chic, the understated oversized fashion has a lot to offer when it comes to effortless style.

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