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Menswear For Girls Styling Tips, But PRACTICAL!!

Getting ready is fun! Getting ready in a stylish way is even more. Do you know what topples it all? Getting ready in a stylish way, with menswear. Yes, you read that right. Menswear! Just so you know, I am not at all talking about those oversized t-shirts that girls often pick from the menswear section. This is menswear for girls styling session with bespoke picks from their wardrobe. Keeping with the essence of styling we will discuss the appropriate makeup and accessories to accentuate your ensemble. Let’s see how menswear for girls can play wonders in the practical world.

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1. Monochrome look

For this look, I have paired a tailored maroon formal shirt with maroon trousers. To break the monotony of the colour palette, I have worn a white cropped tee inside. Roll up the sleeves to the elbow for a better outcome.
Accessories- I have not used any accessories for this look as the palette of the ensemble was demanding. Heels and a classy wristwatch were enough.
Makeup- keep it minimal if you have a dark palette already. Also, if you are wearing this to work (like I did), it’s best to keep the makeup subtle. Let’s not attract unnecessary HR attention.

2. Print play

Unisex printed shirts are a great to style menswear for girls. For this look, I have picked a white printed formal shirt and grey formal trousers. I played with the print in a way that the trousers complemented the print of the shirt (grey motifs).
Accessories- as the shirt was pink heavy and the ensemble was more on the subdued side, I have picked a baby pink pair of earrings to go with the look.
Makeup- a pink look to channel your inner Barbie? Do that with a light pink shade on the eyelids and s soft pink lipstick.

3. Green on green

Menswear For Girls Styling Tips, But PRACTICAL!!
This look can be achieved with a similar colour top and bottom. Achieve the baggy look by opting for lose fitted garments. Menswear for girls can play wonders when styled properly.
Accessories- go for sleek chains or hoops. As the palette was quite loud, I have styled the look with gold earrings and green heels.
Makeup- if you are dressing up for a formal affair, nude makeup is the best. Whereas, if you have decided to go out, you can always accentuate your eyes with green eyeshadow.

4. Cool and sexy

Menswear For Girls Styling Tips, But PRACTICAL!!
For this look I have paired a men’s formal stripe shirt and blue denim. The blue stripes and the blue denim play their role by making this a balanced look.
Accessories- in order to achieve the uber-cool look, I have not used any accessories however, you can go for a silver or gold-toned chain. Heels and flats both are an option.
Makeup- minimal eyes with a bold lip would suit the overall outlook.

I understand how some menswear for girls styling tips doesn’t overcome the test of practicality. To help you style your looks better and navigate you through your dad/husband/brother/boyfriend’s wardrobe, this is the styling tips 101.

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