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Trending Fashion Terms Of 2022 Every Fashionista Should Know

It’s 2022 and just knowing the right fashion items is no more the agenda. With the fashion scene gaining traction in all of our lives, there are terms that we need to get acquainted with in order to stay “fashionable” in 2022. Taking this thought forward, let’s look at the trending fashion terms of 2022. If you have taken a stroll down the social media lane you must have heard about the terms cottagecore, regencycore, etc then you must have seen words like Barbiecore making the rounds right now. Bringing these rising fashion aesthetics into the forefront, let’s look at what these actually mean.

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1. Balletcore

Think Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic tutu skirt. The hyper-feminine ballet dancer costume-inspired dresses marry theatrical energy with utmost comfort.

2. Barbiecore

Trending Fashion Terms Of 2022

Valentino’s Fall 22 collection has given a push to the Barbie core fashion aesthetic and made this one of the trending fashion terms of 2022. The hot pink hue is the hero of the runways at the moment and we are nostalgic with the pink mini dresses, heels, and the entire pink parade.

3. Night luxe

Trending Fashion Terms Of 2022

One of the trending fashion terms of 2022, this aesthetic brings the vibe of luxurious urban nightlife. The polished and opulent aesthetic focuses on glitter sequins and shimmer.

4. Coastal grandma

Trending Fashion Terms Of 2022

As sad and old it sounds, this trending fashion term of 2022 is actually all about a laid-back luxury Vibe. Think a subdued palette with minimal details, this amplifies the style of a wealthy middle-aged woman. The fashion aesthetic is about a chic and subtle luxury look achieved with a clean and minimal ensemble.

5. Preppy

Trending Fashion Terms Of 2022

Imagine the uniforms of the ivy league schools. If you want a clear image of this fashion aesthetic, go through the episodes of gossip girl (obviously the old one) and browse to the wardrobe of Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. Oozing an old-school wealthy vibe, this style can be achieved through pleated skirts, sweater vests, argyle patterns and bespoke pantsuits.

6. Clean girl

Another one from the trending fashion terms of 2022, the clean girl aesthetic is all about the off-duty model vibe. Thanks to Tik Tok, the ideal inspiration for this aesthetic is the thin, wealthy, white women. The style has raised questions within the fashion community for not being inclusive but it still becomes a favourite for the folks indulging in barely there makeup and elevated basics. This oozes the vive of a woman who has her life together in every aspect.

As I said, being fashionable in 2022 is not really an easy task if you don’t have the right dictionary. There are terms that are making the rounds such as “baddie”, and “kidcore”, but they have enjoyed their center stage in 2021. So, when we talk about the trending fashion terms of 2022 these are the words or is aesthetics that one needs to swear by.

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