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6 Styling Tips For Short Girls That Are Highly Effective

Fashion is for everyone. It doesn’t depend on your body type what you should or should not be wearing. However, every now and then you wish to for a perfect body like Lisa Haydon’s. That’s no wonder as humans are an unsatisfied species. So, if you are a cute short girl here’s what you can do to look taller. I have put together some styling tips for the short girls.

Read these styling tips and sort your life accordingly.

1. Tuck your shirt

Do you feel every shirt is too long for you? If yes, you can try tucking in your shirt. This will make you look larger around the waist.

2. Asymmetrical Hem

If you are facing the short girl problems then one of the styling tips would be befriending the asymmetric hemline and doing it up with a nice pair of heels. This gives you the instant height.

3. Belts are must

Belts are a lifesaver when you want to look taller instantly. These make your legs look longer.

4. No bunch

When you are trying to look taller then pants that bunch at the bottom are not such a good idea. Go for ankle length jeans instead.

5. Ankle straps are a no no

It’s best to avoid the shoes that come with ankle straps. Why? These make your legs look short.

6. Cuff it

Whenever you pick up a long shirt from your wardrobe, make sure that you cuff it. Cuffing is king.

Swear by these styling tips and no one can take you down.

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