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Key Trends From Milan Fashion Week 2021

The sun has finally set on the sumptuous affair of fashion and it’s time to look into the trends carted by Milan Fashion Week 2021. Think of comfort and ecstatic elements coming together to brim our gloomy schedule. Giving us relief from the sweatpants and slouchy silhouettes, Milan Fashion Week for Spring 2021 nods towards the delightful elements of fashion such as vibrant colour palette, artful prints etc. Taking a break from the WFH favourites, the Fashion Week puts together everything fun and lively.

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1. Loud prints

Milan Fashion Week 2021

With the pandemic taking a toll on our happiness, a respite was imperative. Versace and Etro took this seriously and as a result, we laid our eyes on some of the most delightful prints at the Milan Fashion Week for Spring 2021.

2. ‘Sheer’ is care

Milan Fashion Week 2021

Ever thought of sheer and layer? No right? We owe it to Fendi for showing us the way to layer the see-through fabric like a boss. Amp up your Spring 2021 wardrobe with the sexiness of this style as layering became the new cool in summers.

3. Color clash

Milan Fashion Week 2021

Breaking the continuous trend of earthy neutral tones throughout the previous fashion weeks Milan Fashion Week for Spring 2021 focused on some of the bright and stunning hues from the spectrum. Trust me, this is what the upcoming season was missing.

4. Dress undress

Being a trend pointed out by WGSN, the dress undress was witnessed at all the fashion weeks of the season. Following the trend trajectory, the Milan Fashion Week 2021 too showcased ensembles that focused on what’s underneath.

5. Voluminous

First showcased at the London Fashion Week 2021, we found a hint of the same at Milan Spring runway 2021. This time the voluminous designs were infused with aspects that suggest “snuggle”.

As the curtains dropped at Milan fashion week, for Spring 2021, we are now equipped with a fashion arsenal that is all stunning and outright vibrant.

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