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Global Fashion Weeks
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Major Global Fashion Weeks Around the World: An Overview

Today, we’re embarking on a whirlwind tour of the glitzy and glamorous world of Global Fashion Weeks. Buckle up your stylish seatbelts because I am about to take you on a journey across the fashion capitals of the world, where creativity meets the runway in a fabulous dance of colours, textures, and designs. Read more: …

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History of Indian Fashion: The Post-Vedic Period (c. 800–c. 500 BCE)

History of Indian fashion dates back to ancient times. In the post-Vedic period, which began around 500 BCE, India experienced significant social and cultural changes that had a profound impact on fashion and clothing. During this period, the history of Indian fashion saw a gradual shift from the traditional clothing styles of the Vedic era …

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Westernization of Indian Fashion & Tapping the International Market

The onset of the pandemic brought us closer to the truth that our rich heritage in craft and textile surpasses the transience of trends and this homegrown induced timelessness is what we need to battle the uncertainty posed by the untimely halt. As vocal for local gained traction, the fashion scene around us had a …

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The Impending Change In Design Education For A Reformed Tomorrow

“Fashion is sustainable”, “fashion needs to be seasonless”, “fashion is more than clothes”!! As the pandemic ravaged the world, many of these aforementioned phrases has made rounds on the internet, in magazines, and in several interviews. The world of “fashion” as we knew it is changing.? Are we really changing the very identity of fashion …

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Our Changing Gaze On Loan Culture & Fashion With The Millennial Shopper

Millennials are changing the way we look at fashion. More than just clothing and appearance, fashion, in the hands of the pandemic has become a source for respite. It has become a source of wanderlust. In order to overcome the growing anxiety due to the extended lockdown, one segment of Gen Y made fashion their …

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The Blend Of Tradition and Tech: NFT in Indian Fashion

NFT or the non-fungible tokens are taking the creative domain by storm. Art, as we knew it is fast changing to cater to the virtual needs that caught pace because of the pandemic. Though digital assets, NFTs are a little different than cryptocurrencies. The non-fungible assets are units of data stored on a blockchain. Bought …