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Fashion Vocab: Sarees Of India That Embody Opulence

Recent times have taught us the worth of timeless beauty. The fashion industry has taken a detour from the idea of fast fashion and classic elements are suddenly back on the radar. As I am talking about the timeless picks, the sarees of India deserve a mention. Every region of the nation tells a tale of silk so luxurious that even the most basic wardrobe features a saree. From fabrics to handwork, the sarees of India can be differentiated on various factors. The sarees are the epitome of craftsmanship and the artisan communities involved boast of lifelong experience. For today’s fashion vocab, know the different types of sarees that your wardrobe needs ASAP.

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1. Paithani saree

sarees of india
One of the heritage weaves from Maharashtra, Paithani is one of the rich woven sarees of India. Featuring motifs from the Mughal tradition, Buddhist paintings, flora, and fauna, the saree has zari borders and pallu.

2. Uppada saree

sarees of india
Another one of the sarees of India, these sarees originated in Uppada, Andhra Pradesh. With vibrant colors and ornamental work, the sarees also showcase gold or silver zari border.

3. Tussar silk

sarees of india
These sarees of India hails from the eastern region and are known for their porous fabric. With gold undertones, these sarees look rich and classy. Being raw silk, these sarees are comparatively cheaper.

4. Kalamkari sarees

sarees of india
The name Kalamkari stands for pen art. These sarees boast of hand painting or block printing. A languishing art form, the kalamkari sarees got recognition in the hands of some famous faces.

5. Kanjeevaram sarees

sarees of india
The sarees of India are incomplete without the mention of Kanjeevaram sarees. From the southern lands, these sarees feature a soft and comfortable fabric. The motifs range from traditional elements to mythological characters.

6. Dhakai Jamdani

One of the finest in handwoven muslins, the weaving technique originated in Bangladesh but then was brought to West Bengal during the partition. The name “jamdani” suggests the heavy use of floral motifs.

7. Banarasi silk

12 yards of opulence, banarasi silk is one of the most luxe sarees of India. Known for its rich brocade work, banarasi sarees are a favorite among the north and Eastern region of the nation.

Sarees are more than just 12 yards of flat fabric. It embodies the story of workmanship and heritage in every weave. Get yourself one of these timeless classics and flaunt the craftsmanship of the land whenever you wear it.

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