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Fashion Vocab: Type Of Sleeves Part II

Hey, girls, it’s time to brush up your knowledge on the type of sleeves. This is the second installation in the ongoing fashion vocab lesson on types of sleeves. Make the most of your Quarantine period by knowing the world of apparels inside out. Adding to your fashion vocab are the types of sleeves that often accentuate the look of a dress. The sleeves play an integral role in enhancing the overall appeal of your ensemble. Know more about the sleeves and suitable occasions for the said style here.

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1. Cape sleeves

type of sleeves

Catch up with your dreams of being a superhero with the cape sleeves. With a slit in front, this type of sleeve looks exactly like a cape from behind. What’s even more amusing is the fact that the sleeves can be styled in numerous ways.

2. Cold shoulder sleeves

type of sleeves

Another variant of open sleeves, the cold shoulders shows bare shoulders or the top of the arms. Though elegant in appearance, these type of sleeves is not a part of the trend right now.

3. Cuff sleeves

type of sleeves

Sexy and poised are what defines this type of sleeves. Often found in shirts, the sleeves are tight at the end. With a button or elastic closure, the length varies. Cuff sleeves are a statement in itself.

4. Drop shoulder sleeves


Slide into the domain of comfort with this uber-cool type of sleeves. When it comes to drop shoulder sleeves, the arm pattern extends past the desired length. Often found in t-shirts, sweatshirts and loungewear, the sleeves epitomize comfort.

5. Flutter sleeves

Usher in the summer season with a feminine and elegant design. This type of sleeves is mostly suited for brunches and daylight get-togethers. Giving a frill-like look, the sleeves can be layered to add volume.

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