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Ace The Monsoon S With the Monsoon Style Tips

Knock! Knock! Who’s here? Monsoon. Believe it or not, the rainy season is already here. If you are a romantic movie fanatic, you are probably imagining romance in the rain. However, reality can be different if you are not prepared with monsoon style tips. If you are head over heels for your dresses and your shoes you can definitely relate to us. If not done properly, monsoon styling can go severely wrong.

Don’t need to get worried as long as we are here. We have put together some monsoon style tips so that no amount of rain can take you down. Well, unless your neighbourhood is waterlogged.

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1. Size matters

You obviously don’t want mud in that beautiful dress of yours. Solution? One of the most important in the monsoon style tips is to keep your dress short. Until and unless the hem is floor kissing, there ain’t be any mud.

2. Brighten it up

If you have put your bright clothes in a drawer that was a horribly wrong decision you made. The weather is already gloomy, why to blend in all that greystones. Pick up a bright hue and show the world how it’s done.

3. Waterproof makeup

When we talk about monsoon style tips, this is something we can’t do without. If makeup is your thing, invest in some waterproof makeup. Otherwise, you probably know what might happen.

4. Re-boot

Monsoon is so not the time to wear heels but it doesn’t mean you can’t look like a diva. Pick the trendy rain boots and be in the limelight.

monsoon style tips

5. Layers matters

Everything becomes a challenge when it’s monsoon. So, if you trying to layer it smartly, we would advise against it. If you go for layers, you might get taken down by the humidity.

monsoon style tips

6. Fabric-ate

Did you know fabrics matter a lot during the monsoon? There’s always a chance that you will get drenched and if that happens, you sure as hell don’t want a peekaboo situation going on. That’s why light fabrics and pastels are a strict no-no.

monsoon style tips

7. Make a statement

Make some statement when you walk in heavy rain. Can we suggest a bright umbrella? If you are the fashion guru in your friend’s circle, this is your cue.

monsoon style tips

We hope the monsoon style tips are going to help you to get through the rain.

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