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Sweatpants Styling 101: Here’s How To Ace It

With the current scenario, it’s needless to say that sweatpants are here to stay. Well, let’s celebrate life as it comes. From companies choosing to work from home and the fashion tribe finding comfort in the relaxed silhouette, it’s imperative to look at the scope of sweatpants styling. Still not sure if you should wear it out in the open? Take a cue from the Spring 2021 runway and get sorted weather sweatpants styling tips. For this particular blog, we will be looking at the top 5 aspects of styling if you want to to get your sweatpants game on point.

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1. Color palette

Sweatpants Styling

Colour palette plays an important role when it comes to styling. For sweatpants styling 101, it’s best to go for a monochromatic look. A darker shade of sweatpants makes it easy for you to style and if you want to mix and match, what’s better than the dark-coloured bottom?

2. Fabric

sweatpants styling

A good sweatpants styling can amplify your fashion game if done right. Let go of cotton and embrace the sumptuous velvet or silk fabric for a rich outlook. The rich texture of velvet or silk/ faux silk adds finesse to your styling making it look more stunning and luxurious.

3. Fit

sweatpants styling

Yes, I know sweatpants are all about a baggy and relaxed fit but if you want to get the sweatpants styling right it’s better to go for a more fitted version. The baggy fit pants are often a challenge when it comes to pairing it but choosing a fitted silhouette ensures a good scope of styling.

4. Co-ords?

We often think it’s best to pair a sweatpant with a sweatshirt but if you really want to ace the sweatpants styling then it’s time to stop playing safe. Pair your leisurewear with blazers or trench coats for the optimum effect. Bright shades or crop tops does the job too.

5. Accessories

Please oh please don’t take out the trusted sneakers. I am sorry to break your bubble but the comfy and flat foot wares won’t do the trick. Enhance the grace of your look with Heels or combat boots. Jewellery can add a dash of “sexy” to your look. Think gold and bold. What more? Hair and makeup.

Fashionista by heart and comfort-seeker by nature? Get your sweatpants styling right with the chic and comfortable tips mentioned.

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