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Fashion Vocab: Types Of Indian Embroidery Part II

Being a land of varied cultures, Indian embroidery is laden with motifs that portray the beliefs of the artisans. When it comes to traditional textiles or crafts India has a rich heritage. Different states employ different techniques of hand embroidery in terms of thread, colours or motifs. The various styles of Indian embroidery are symbolic to the cultures of the particular state from where it has originated. Apart from being just a traditional craft, Indian embroidery has been incorporated in many leading designs all around the world. Learn about the age-old craft of the land here.

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1. Katha- West Bengal

Indian embroidery

This Indian embroidery is a folk art of the state and is characterized by its use of running stitch done by a white thread. Done on rugs, quilts, blankets and sarees, different types of stitches are incorporated for every purpose. The motifs include mythological characters, flora and fauna and geometrical patterns. The threads used are often sourced from the borders of discarded sarees.

2. Chambarumal- Himachal Pradesh

Indian embroidery

Introduced in the 18th century, this Indian embroidery is known for its use of bright- coloured silk threads in the stitches. As the motifs are filled on both sides of the fabric using double satin stitch, it becomes reversible. Inspired by Pahari paintings, the motifs depict Lord Krishna. From the Himalayan flora and fauna to musical instruments, the embroidery takes inspiration from day to day activities. Initially done on Khaddar, it’s now used on silk and polyester.

3. Kutch- Gujarat

Indian embroidery

Using multi-coloured threads this embroidery incorporates a number of stitches like Satin stitch, herringbone stitch, darning stitch, chain stitch, interlace stitch and buttonhole stitch. This type of Indian embroidery is characterized by the use of mirrors that are fixed on the fabric with the use of stitches. Artisans use various styles of Kutch on various fabrics too.

4. Zardozi- Lucknow

Indian embroidery

Nothing spells grandeur like zardozi embroidery. This is done on fabrics like velvet, silk and satin. Using gold or silver threads, the artisans employ chain stitch, satin stitch and stem stitch. Taken from a Persian term, ‘Zardozi’ roughly translates to gold embroidery. A painstaking process, the fabric to be embroidered is first stretched on a wooden frame. A stitch is then executed with the use of a hook. The pearls and beads used in the stitch add to the opulence of this Indian embroidery. Floral and geometrical patterns are used in this embroidery.

The crafts of India depicts the varied cultures and beliefs of the land in its utmost glory. Adhering to this, the types of Indian embroideries are the mirrors of the state it has originated in.

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