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Spring Trends 2022; A Respite From The Wave Of Sweatpants

I don’t know about others but I am truly done with the spine-chilling and teeth-chattering cold. The heavy woolens and the warm thermals that have become the way for life got to go now. Now that we all are secretly wishing for spring, why not talk about the trends for the season? The spring trends 2022 have been curated from the runways all around the world. From some revivals to some fresh elements, this time the fashion trends are bold and bad. And what makes me super excited about the spring trends 2022 is the fact that it totally compensates for the gloomy winter we had.

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1. Pleated skirts

spring trends 2022
Place your money and bet safely on the allure of the pleated skirts. The most wearable trend from the spring trends 2022 shows, makes styling a cakewalk. Pair it with absolutely anything and ace the race.

2. Low waist pants

spring trends 2022
Oh yes, it’s back. The spring trends 2022 are giving us nightmares with the revival of low-slung trousers. The runways have shown us the way of embracing drama by pairing these low-rise pants with cropped uppers. The essence is in showing off the midribs.

3. Micro minis

spring trends 2022
Too much inspiration from Y2K and the minis are back. For the spring trends 2022, things look spicy. The designers are sure bored of playing safe and decided to go risque with the hemlines.

4. Sheer

spring trends 2022
We believe in transparency and the trends for this season are giving us exactly what we wish for. This is a revival of the bygone and it gives us the scope of styling, keeping the sensuousness of the sheer alive.

5. Metal sheen

spring trends 2022
The silver fabric has made way for liquid metal and we absolutely heart this. The lustrous, shimmery fabric grazing our body? We want!

6. Neon

If you got a love for basics and safe, this is not for you. The spring trends 2022 are bolder, bigger, and definitely bad. The neon yellow shade is making a comeback this season and we are all set to make space for it in our wardrobe.

7. Netted details

We are not ready to let go of the nautical fashion trend. For spring trends 2022 the netted details are making their way to the central stage by teaming up with the otherwise basic pieces.

We are done with the sweatpants and leisurewear for good this time. Even though the pandemic made us lovers of comfort, 1 year down the lane, we are embracing the true glam of fashion.

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