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Mood: In Love With The Romantic Silhouette

Love is in the air and romance is seeping into our clothing aesthetics! Leaving the gloomy affair of the worldwide pandemic at bay, the fashion industry is now witnessing a comeback of the romantic silhouette. Imagine those voluminous sleeves, dramatic ruffles, and the sensuous fall. Got your heart racing? With a form that’s a sheer statement, the reemergence of this softer silhouette is redefining femininity. The modern reiteration of this softer silhouette is fusing romantic elements with subtle hints of strength and masculinity. Here’s what you can expect in the market with the comeback of the romantic silhouette.

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1. Pink and poised

romantic silhouette
Is there a better way to showcase love than the color of pink? With the comeback of the romantic silhouette, tinge and shades of pink will play a big role throughout the fashion industry. Don’t shy away from pulling the pink ensemble into daylight and flaunt its LOVEly facet. Too girly? Maybe it’s time to destigmatize color.

2. Voluminous sleeves

romantic silhouette
We are setting sail for the Victorian era with the statement sleeves. The comeback of romantic silhouette calls for puff sleeves and peasant sleeves. Sucker for making a statement wherever you go? This is the trend for you.

3. Floral flair

We have had too much of sweatpants and loungewear. Adhering to this very feeling, the fashion industry’s arsenal is now brimming with bold and dramatic floral prints. Read colors, patterns, and vibrance. This spring, it’s all about florals.

4. Bows and ruffles

It’s time to pull everything vintage out of that age-old trunk. Romantic silhouette is incomplete without the resurgence of bows and ruffles. These elements of the feminine designs are then paired with a slightly structured look.

The comeback of this soft silhouette proves to be a relief from the year-long suffering. It’s time love and romance find their way back.

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