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Gender-neutral Fashion: What, How and When!

Fashion for him, fashion for her. This silhouette suits girls and these structured looks are for boys. The fashion industry is divided into a number of segments that successfully create the division of gender ideas. We have dissected and segregated fashion in terms of gender, race, and ethnicity. Breaking free from the norms, gender-neutral fashion aims to blur the boundaries between various styles and designs. From being a mode of expression for the LGBTQ community to defining a fashion aesthetic free from societal notions, gender-neutral fashion or gender-inclusive fashion is catching pace in the industry. Exuding style and charisma, this vertical of fashion empowers society with the power of identity. Today, let’s talk about the three Ws of gender-neutral fashion.

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1. What

Gender-Nautral Fashion
A different concept than unisex clothing, gender-neutral fashion rejects the typical gender roles that are often associated with design. No more pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Giving a respite to the LGBTQ community, this vertical of the fashion industry satiate their need for unique clothes. Clothes that don’t confine them in any gender roles.

2. How

Gender-Nautral Fashion
Gender-neutral clothing can be identified with their unique identity. From color to lapels or from structure to details, the very aspect of fashion gets challenged under this umbrella of gender-neutral fashion. Individuality and functionality come together to give an expression to the otherwise marginalized.

3. When

What started in the 19th century with Amelia Bloomer’s bloomer pants, soon became a symbol of power and resistance. With time, gender-fluid fashion has taken a turn towards aesthetics making it more desirable to the customers. In today’s time, we see brands and designers pouring their creative energy into this realm of fluidity.

Still can’t figure out a way to style these fashion essentials? Check out the YouTube video mentioned below for more styling assistance in this regard.

The Style Flu’s Genderless Styling Tips

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