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Building A Capsule Wardrobe- The What & How Tos

Limited living has touched the right string in our hearts by bringing us face to face with the beauty of simplicity and a clutter-free lifestyle. Many of us have already jumped on the idea of building a capsule wardrobe and some of us are still oogling the idea with skeptical eyes. If you are someone whose wardrobe is filled to the brim and is looking for tips to building a capsule wardrobe, this is the place for you. Cutting down can be difficult for some and if you are not aware of your personal style, it might get a little confusing. Nonetheless, Closeted Fashionista is here to guide you through the process of building a capsule wardrobe by laying down the pieces that you need for a successful minimal wardrobe.

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1. Basic t-shirts

building a capsule wardrobe
Remember, less is more when building a capsule wardrobe. Start your collection with 3-4 basic tees with a neutral color palette in mind. Black, white, beige, and grey are some colours that are easy to style and will go with anything.

2. Shirts and blouses

building a capsule wardrobe
While storing shirts and blouses keep the quantity in check. 2 blouses and 3 shirts would do while building a capsule wardrobe. When shopping for these, avoid the dressy ones as those are quite challenging to style and for a capsule collection you need peices that are versatile and interchangeable.

3. Winter wear

building a capsule wardrobe
Two cardigans, two pullovers, a jacket, and an overcoat will be a good way, to sum up your winter capsule. Again, muted styles and a neutral colour palette are the way to go. A beige or black overcoat can be styled easily and will give a chic outlook.

4. Bottom wear

building a capsule wardrobe
Three pairs of trousers, three denims and three skirts. While storing the bottom wear, go with a mix of rises such as high waist, mid waist, etc. Also, play with the fit of the denim. Keep mom jeans, one skinny fit, and a straight fit. For skirts, one flared midi, one pencil fit and a maxi fit would give you a great outcome while styling.

5. Dresses

For dresses, go for two of each formal and informal style. For the informal ones, pick a vibrant shade so that you have something bright. Also, a dress doesn’t need much of styling so the neutral tones could be avoided when picking dresses for building a capsule wardrobe.

6. Accessories

For footwear, you can pick one pair of flat mules, a pair of sneakers or runners and one pair of black heels and a pair of boots. This way you are covered for all the seasons and occasions.
For your bijou fix, sleek and minimal pieces will add to the chicness of the styles and the simple styles are easy to pair.

In order to build a capsule collection, one should first do a wardrobe audit to let go of the unnecessary pieces. Followed by an understanding of one’s personal style. When you are building a capsule wardrobe, make sure you are going for pieces that complement your aura. A 37-38 piece collection should be the end goal for each season.

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