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Trend Watch: Top Fashion Trends Of the Season

‏Our daily hustle never ends and to help us face each hurdle with poise and opulence is the fashion industry. This season, dial up your style with the bigger and bolder elements of trends. Play with the beauty of fashion. Be it a gloomy day or a party after a heartbreak, a piece of clothing can change the narrative of the event. Adhering to this, the top fashion trends are all about the happy elements of the atelier. From colors to other sensational elements, these top fashion trends are all set to redefine sartorial brilliance.­ As a new season is knocking at our door, it’s time to decide whether to follow suit with the top fashion trends or to play safe with the timeless classics.

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1. Tonal Dressing

Top fashion trends

Here comes the new mantra of styling i.e., tonal dressing. Commit to the same color and style yourself head to toe by playing with textures, tints and shades, patterns, and silhouette. With this, monochrome dressing takes a central stage in the sphere of daily wear.

2. Denim detox

Top fashion trends

Give your wardrobe a little denim detox with the top fashion trends of the season. The creative heads are reimagining denim and we are all set to embrace this transformed vibe. Denim is coming out of its constraint and making way for a softer silhouette.

3. Candy Crush

As the mood remains dull, it’s time to add a dash of pop to your daily style. To overcome the monotony all around, the brands are introducing brighter shades on the shelf.

4. WORKing Out

We are still not over the sweatpants era. With the work scenario making a shift from home to offices, we are infusing our formal setup with joggers and sweatpants.

The trends this season takes into account, everyone. As it dishes out the flamboyant pieces, it also brings to the forefront sweatpants fashion. The melange of eclectic and effortless makes the theme of the season.

Picture courtesy- Pinterest, Cosmopolitan, Khara Kapas

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