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Styling 101: How To Mix and Match Prints

Have you ever wondered why Ranveer Singh looks like an exceptional work of art even with whatever print he wears? Or are you a safe player when it comes to mixing and matching prints? If you checked ‘yes’ to both questions, get ready to sprinkle a little pizzazz into your wardrobe. Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a wild style journey that involves mixing and matching prints like there’s no tomorrow! That’s right, we’re diving headfirst into the fabulous world of print pairing, and trust me, it’s going to be a fun and quirky ride. You know what they say, life’s too short to wear boring clothes. So, how to mix and match prints without looking like a walking, talking Picasso painting? Fear not, because I’ve got your back. Think of prints as your playground; you’re the master of ceremonies. Stripes, polka dots, florals, animal prints – the key here is to keep it balanced and harmonious.

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Rule 1: Color Confluence

how to mix and match prints
Let’s talk about the power of colour coordination. When you’re pondering how to mix and match prints, consider selecting prints that share a standard colour. For instance, pair a playful floral top with striped pants in matching hues. This not only ties the outfit together but also creates a visual masterpiece that’s easy on the eyes. Remember, colour is your sidekick in this sartorial adventure!

Rule 2: Proportions Play

how to mix and match prints
While we’re all for bold fashion statements, maintaining a sense of proportion is crucial. Balance larger prints with smaller ones to create an outfit that’s harmonious and pleasing. Rock a polka dot skirt with a subtle striped blouse or vice versa. It’s like a fashion tug-of-war, and the result is an ensemble that’s effortlessly chic.

Rule 3: Neutral Ground

how to mix and match prints
If you’re a print-mixing newbie, start with a neutral base. Think classic stripes or understated checks. Once you’ve got your neutral canvas, add a pop of the unexpected – perhaps a leopard print scarf, footwear with a pop colour, or a floral clutch. The neutral background provides a safe space for your prints to mingle and create magic!

Rule 4: Accessory Adventure

Print mixing isn’t just limited to clothing. Your accessories can join the party too! Slip into a striped dress and toss on a leopard print belt – instant style elevation. Just remember, when it comes to accessories, a little goes a long way. Don’t overwhelm your look; let the prints speak, but not shout!

Rule 5: Confidence Is Key

Alright, style adventurers, here’s the ultimate rule: confidence. Wear your mixed prints with pride and strut your stuff. Confidence can turn even the most unconventional pairings into runway-worthy ensembles. So, throw on that floral blazer with plaid pants, and march to the beat of your own style.

And there you have it, the guide on how to mix and match prints like a pro! Remember, fashion is all about having fun, taking risks, and expressing yourself. So, dive into your closet with a newfound enthusiasm, and let those prints run wild. So, whether you’re off to conquer the concrete jungle or simply strutting around your living room, you know how to mix and match prints with flair. Embrace the unexpected, make a statement, and let your wardrobe be the canvas for your artistic fashion endeavours.


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