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The Style Rules That You Need To Start Following Now

A style is every women’s right. A dress means workwear for someone whereas the same dress is evening wear for someone else. That’s how this game works. No, it’s not a serious game but in case, you want to ace it, here are some style rules to abide. These are certain rules that have to be followed.

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1. Balance

We want a balanced life but when it comes to fashion, we tend to ignore it. The first among the style rules is that an oversized top call for a slim fit lowers and vice versa. Balance the top with the bottom and that’s it.

2. The ratio of 60:40

It’s not maths we are talking about. This ratio talks about an ideal wardrobe if you want to become a fashionista. The 40% of your closet should be basics like pieces of denim and tees. Whereas the 60% of your closet should be full of bold quirky and items. Follow these style rules and pair it better.

3. Less is more

When it’s fashion, less is more. If you are picking up statement earrings, the neck better is empty and vice versa. Two statement pieces cancel each other out. Add drama to your overall look with the minimal usage of accessories.

4. Go seamless

Style is not just how you look. You can’t ignore what you are wearing inside that sexy dress. According to the style rules wearing a seamless underwear is always a smart choice.

5. Pair me

When it comes to the style rules, people often pair their necklace with their earrings but that shouldn’t be the case. As opposed to popular belief, earrings should go with the bracelet, and, the necklace with the ring.

All set to dress up girls? Don’t forget the style rules.

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