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Winter Styling: This Is How To Ace It With A Slip Dress

With Christmas right around the corner, winter season is upon us. Are you all decked up with your winter essentials and just wondering for the right amount of oomph in your winter styling? Your search ends here. For the winter styling directory, I have brought in one of the summer faves. As we can’t get over the sultry and sensuous appeal of a slip dress, why not use it for a twist in our winter styling? Bid adieu to the dark winter palette and add some cheerful elements to the knits.

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Take 1: Trench coat

winter styling


Add a dash of sexy to your winter styling by pairing a Satin slip dress with a long trench coat. Play with the colour palette as your heart pleases. A sober monochromatic look or a stunning colour block outlook, your slip dress can take it all.

Take 2: Turtleneck

winter styling

Play with the very essence of a slip dress by pairing it with a basic turtleneck. Choose a neutral shade of a turtleneck and let the satin seductress do the talking. Accessories? I say none.

Take 3: Biker jacket

winter styling

Faux Leather and satin? If the thought of these two fabrics together excites you, you need this in your winter styling. Add a finishing touch to this look with leather boots for an added drama.

Take 4: Pullover

Blending the styles of a slip dress and a pullover gives way for an unadulterated aesthetic. Give the effect of a clenched waist with a belt or go for an effortlessly chic look. Throw-in heels or boots and you are done.

Take 5: Blazer

Achieve a semi-formal look and turn heads with your winter styling. Style your slip dress with a blazer and play with some sleek neckpieces for an impending elegance.

Your winter wardrobe doesn’t have to be all sombre and slouchy. Bring the win to winter by merging your summer and winter styles.

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