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Changes In the Fashion Industry With Covid-19

As it’s famously said, necessity is the mother of invention, the worldwide crisis is right now changing the scape of some domains. One such sphere is the realm of fashion. With the fast fashion market crashing rapidly, the industry is changing, and it’s changing for the better. In the wake of coronavirus, there were some much-awaited changes in the fashion industry that are finally in process. The fashion houses are taking steps to cope with the pandemic and are becoming more socially responsible in the way. The most tantalizing changes are mentioned below. Keep scrolling.

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1. Go digital or go home

Taking a detour from the age-old idea of physical and luxurious showrooms, the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus is forcing the brands to go digital and is making changes in the fashion industry. Since cities are under lockdown and going out is a luxury that people can’t afford, the fashion giants are making their collections available online. Skmmp is one such platform that digitizes wholesale order management and is now being approached by brands like Bottega Veneta etc for an online presence.

2. AI in Fashion

changes in the fashion industry
Coronavirus pandemic is making way for Artificial Intelligence to penetrate the fashion market. AI was already engulfing the athleisure section but because of this worldwide outbreak of COVID 19, there are going to be some changes in the fashion industry. Digital presence along with Artificial Intelligence will give birth to the idea of smart showrooms. Yes, you read that right. The fashion giants are already in talks to revolutionize the sphere of fashion holding hands with science. In the wake of this crisis, the day is not far when we will be experiencing the refined and much needed “Smart Showrooms”.

3. Let’s Rethink

changes in the fashion industry
This pandemic has lead to some serious changes in the fashion industry. As the fast fashion brands are witnessing a rapid drop in sales, they have realized it’s time to rethink their sales strategy. Brands like Zara, H&M and Forever 21 have set sail on the journey of something worthwhile. Reports say that in order to cope with the dropping sales, these brands are finally rethinking of revolutionizing the domain of fast fashion.

The grave situation of coronavirus, however disastrous is giving birth to new trends in the realm of fashion. Here’s hoping for a positive change in the industry.


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