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The Face Mask Mistakes That Are Better Avoided

At this hour of crisis, we are “blessed” with an unwanted but definitely imperative accessory for everyday use. Starting from a basic style, this accessory soon made it to every designer’s sketchbook and now we are spoilt for prints, textures and fabrics. What am I talking about? Face masks. With face masks becoming a daily …

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Changes In the Fashion Industry With Covid-19

As it’s famously said, necessity is the mother of invention, the worldwide crisis is right now changing the scape of some domains. One such sphere is the realm of fashion. With the fast fashion market crashing rapidly, the industry is changing, and it’s changing for the better. In the wake of coronavirus, there were some …


Make The Most Of Your Quarantine Period With These Activities

Staying in because of Coronavirus? Your quarantine period doesn’t have to kill your inner fashionista. In order to battle the anxiety, there are certain activities you can indulge in during this lockdown. Fight the Coronavirus scare with the activities that you normally don’t find for. When people are whining and complaining about the quarantine, make …