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Fashion Vocabulary: Types Of Skirts Part II

When it comes to fashion vocabulary for the types of skirts, the count goes on and on. There are numerous types of skirts that even the biggest fashionistas don’t know about. A stronghold over fashion vocabulary not only gives you an upper hand in styling but kinda makes you a superior people look up to. Jargon maketh an influencer. Let’s talk about one of the most pretty and sensuous elements of our fashion industry. Skirts.
Yes, a tad difficult to style but this garment is guaranteed to give you an utmost poised and elegant look. Get ready to know about the fashion vocabulary related to the types of skirts.
  1. Miniskirt

When it comes to the types of skirts, this one is probably the most common one. Also known as pelmet skirt and bondage skirt, a typical miniskirt is 10 to 17 inches in length. A variant of this type is the micromini that is 10 inches or smaller in length. Quite easy to style and extremely sexy, this is something that’s not everyone’s forte.

2. Draped skirt

A beach vacation or a summer holiday? The draped skirt is the perfect pick for all your summer vacay needs. This type is also known as the Sarong skirt and you can style it in numerous ways according to the occasion. Feeling experimental? Try pairing this skirt with something formal and get ready to turn heads.

3. Wrap skirt

This the skirt is not only easy to maintain but is also easy to DIY. Yes, you read that right. A wrap skirt is nothing but a long piece of cloth with buttons or ties at the edges. This shirt as the name suggests can be wrapped around your body and fastened with the help of the buttons or ties provided.

4. Asymmetrical skirt

Kinda difficult to style, this type of skirt looks like a pinched handkerchief from the centre. The hemline gives the look of a handkerchief edge. If you hold down a handkerchief holding it’s from the centre, that’s how this type of skirt looks like. Another variant of the asymmetrical skirt is a hi-low skirt.

Brush up your fashion vocabulary, even more, learn more about the styling tricks of these types of skirts, stay tuned.

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