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Fashion Vocab 101: Types Of Belts

When we talk about fashion, it’s not just the clothes we refer to. The garments along with the accessories are what complete an entire ensemble. Today, for another installation of the fashion vocab series, we will talk about an accessory that goes hand in hand with trousers. Formal to informal, jeans to culottes, almost all pants have to have the option of using this accessory. Wondering what is important to this extent? Belts! We need this to tighten our trousers or just to make a statement. Since all of us have used belts time and again, it’s time we are acquainted with the various types of belts now.

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1. Buckle belt

types of belts

The most common in the types of belts, this has a strap and a buckle on one end. Insert the free end (with the holes), inside the buckle and secure the belt by inserting the metal pin in the hole.

2. Horseshoe buckle belt

types of belts

Another common one in the types of belts, here the buckle is in the shape of a horseshoe. Insert the free end (with the holes), inside the buckle and secure the belt by inserting the metal pin in the hole.

3. Military belt

types of belts

Made of nylon, this type of belt is mostly found in neutral colors like black, brown et cetera. Military belts are mostly identified with a nylon webbing and a metal hardware buckle.

4. D-ring belt

types of belts

Unlike the horseshoe buckle belt, this belt has got D-shaped rings at one end. To secure the belt one has to insert the free end through one ring and pass it under 2nd ring.

5. Cummerbund

Translated from the Hindi word “Kamar band”, this means to tie the stomach. These types of belts are generally worn inside tuxedos or dinner jackets and are broad waist covering sash. Bows are commonly used with such belts.

6. Cinch belt

A tight-fitting belt made of elastic is what defines a cinch belt. This style of belt is generally used to achieve a narrow waist. Fastened with a fancy buckle, it gives the look of an hourglass figure.

7. Obi belt

This style is not used in everyday affairs. With a long piece of fabric, this belt is tied around the waist and then secured with a knot at the front.

8. Yoke belt

As the name suggests, these types of belts resemble the yoke of a dress. The wide structure of these belts extends to the waist and gives a structured look.

FYI the usage of belts dates back to the Roman Empire. In Indian fashion history, a “Kamar band” was widely used. Since then, this accessory has revolutionized to suit modern needs.

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