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Fashion Vocab: Types Of Jeans For Men

A staple for almost everyone on the planet, a piece of clothing that transcends the boundaries of age, size, and gender, and an everyday necessity, we cannot survive the daily battle of fashion without a good pair of denim. From fit to various fabrics, your favorite pair of jeans can be categorized based on a number of factors. Know the types of jeans for men so that the next time you invest in a new pair, you pick the right fit.

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1. Slim fit

Types Of Jeans For Men
One of the most popular choices, slim-fit jeans gets slender from the hips to the ankles. Fitted in nature but this type of denim has slightly more space in the legs as compared to the skinny fit.

2. Straight Fit

Types Of Jeans For Men
A contemporary classic for men, straight fit jeans are an everyday affair. As it’s straight through the hip, thigh, and leg, the style promises great comfort and fit.

3. Skinny Fit

Types Of Jeans For Men
Satiating the need for a sleek and streamlined look, the skinny fit jeans offer a narrow fit throughout the leg. When it comes to the types of jeans for men, skinny fit jeans are catching pace in the menswear fashion industry.

4. Tapered Fit

Types Of Jeans For Men
A cross between the skinny and straight fit, this type of jeans offer space around the hips and thighs and gets skinnier around the calves.

5. Slim Straight Fit

With a slim fit around the hips and thigh, the style gets straight towards the leg. Talking about the styling aspects of denim, this is one of the types of jeans for men that gives the bigger scope of styling. From a formal to a semi-formal look, this pair can ace it all.

6. Relaxed Fit

Offering a spacious fit throughout the leg from hips to calves, this style offers optimum comfort. If comfort takes the center stage for you, this is the perfect match for your style statement.

Now that you have a better understanding of the types of jeans for men, make an informed decision the next time you go shopping.

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