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Fashion Vocab: Types Of T-shirt For Men

Through the course of time, it’s the women’s fashion that has witnessed changes and transformations and groundbreaking trends. Compared to this, men’s fashion has followed a steady path and it has taken up the basics as their hero. When it comes to menswear, we haven’t experienced larger than life changes in the style, silhouette and structure. Adhering to these wishes, the t-shirt has been a total favourite for guys. Previously used as an undergarment, t-shirt gained popularity through Hollywood. As we are talking about the famous t-shirt, let’s look into the types of t-shirt available for every occasion. Guys, it’s time to know your fashion staple a little better.

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1. Crew Neck t-shirt

Types of t-shirt

This is the most common when it comes to the types of t-shirt. With basic half sleeves and crew neck, this is a wardrobe staple. Crew neck T-shirt is identified by the perfect round neckline sitting at the base of the neck. The best part is the unisex appeal which makes it suitable for every gender.

2. Polo Neck t-shirt

Types of t-shirt

As t-shirts are considered super casual, we don’t mind a little touch of formality in the design. This one from the types of t-shirts was pinned into the scape of fashion by the golfers. The collar along with the neckline gives a formal outlook.

3. Henley t-shirt

Types of t-shirt

often identified as a cross between the crew neck and V neck t shirts, Henley tees are significant because of the button placket that runs along the neckline. A perfect pick for a muscular built, the buttons add to the aesthetic of this t-shirt.

4. V-neck t-shirt

As we are talking about types of t-shirt, the v-neck tee deserves a mention. Another much common pick from the t-shirt inventory, the v-neck tees create an illusion of slimmer body and long face.

5. Scoop neck t-shirt

A little similar to the crew neck tee, the scoop neck t-shirt doesn’t sit at the bottom of the neck. The neckline hangs a little below the collar bone. Pair it with a scarf or informal blazer to complete the look.

The more you know the better. Hence, knowing about your favourite staple is imperative. Flaunt your knowledge of Types of t-shirt starting tomorrow.

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