House Dress; A Hit Or Miss For The Closet?

Along with the other things, this worldwide pandemic has introduced some head turners in the domain of fashion that would have otherwise been overruled. With us growing fonder of comfort and our home, things in the fashion industry are aligning themselves to suit this changing mood. We all have our version of this stuck at some corner in our wardrobe but this season, it’s taking the foreground. As 2020 gave us sweatshirts that swiftly overshadowed denim, this year we have a nondescript silhouette often worn by us at home. House Dress! Yes, you read that right. A transitional piece, house dress, or nap dress has an ethereal appeal to it. Intrigued? Let’s delve even deeper into the ubiquitous nature of this trans-seasonal piece.

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1. Heavy Duty! Lighter Style!

house dress
A cross between the sweatshirt comfort and outerwear style, the House Dress adds ease to a tumultuous routine. From chores to meetings, virtual date nights, this hardworking piece can ace it all.

2. Honouring Heritage

house dress
Let’s take a stroll to the pre-raphaelite era where dressing down didn’t lead to sweatpants or boxers. Taking inspiration from the bygone, the house dress comes big on sleeves and pockets. Bringing a dash of style is the ruched detail.

3. Creative Cut

Thanks to the creative heads around the world, this category is going through an alteration. From statement collars to voluptuous sleeves, the House Dress is so much more than a mere nightdress.

4. Practical Usage

House Dress is now a reality. Coming as a respite from the sweatshirt fatigue, the designers and celebs have embraced the new member with open arms. Labels like Hill House Home sold a whopping US$1 million worth of “Nap Dress” in just 30 mins in 2020. Celebs like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have already given their nodding to this item of exquisite beauty.

Impressed much? Go take your pick from the online shopping destination. If you can’t find the exact look, remember, style is subjective.

Picture courtesy- Pinterest, Hill House Home

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