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Friends Fashion; The Timeless Picks

As the much-awaited Friends Reunion aired last week, many of us are watching or rewatching the 90s sitcom at the moment. It doesn’t happen often that a series as old as Friends still holds relevancy in the 21st century. Being the zeitgeist of its time, Friends fashion can rule our style choices even today. Apart from the hilarious script and the immersive storytelling, the characters etched themselves into our memory with chic and elegant fashion picks. It’s been years, the fashion scape has transformed tremendously yet Friends fashion remains in the present tense. Trust me when I say this, by the time I conclude, you will be drooling making a run for some similar pieces.

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1. Boho Chic

Friends Fashion
Phoebe taught us the art of upcycling and DIY. To all the conscious heads out there, take a cue from her on how to alter the look of an old piece altogether. Her bohemian outfits and quirky accents still call for our attention.

2. Athleisure

Friends Fashion
Friends fashion brought athleisure into the foresight way before it was a defined fashion category. From joggers to cycling shorts, Rachel Green and Monica Geller gave us looks that we can get inspired from even today.

3. Smart Casual

Friends Fashion
Denim, checked shirts, skater skirts…Friends fashion gave us some looks those are raging the industry now. Be it Monica’s college look with the red spaghetti top or Rachel’s tartan skirt look with a knitted turtleneck. We are screaming!

4. Androgynous Ensemble

Straight-fit jeans with men’s shirts. If this isn’t genius I don’t know what is. Sticking to the aura of this look, Monica Geller is sporting no accessories. Did you notice the center parting? From minimal accessories to hairstyles, they got it all correct!

5. Chic n Elegant

Our love for slip dresses can never end and overwhelming us with style notes are Rachel Green and Monica Geller. Don’t miss the way they personified chic by layering turtleneck pullovers and dresses.

Gasping over how can a sitcom from the 90s have such strong fashion statements? You got to start watching it today!

Picture Courtesy- FRIENDS

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