Traditional Indian Prints That Still Define Style In 2021!

No one is a sucker for solid colors. We all need a respite from the monochromes every now and then. While you are deciding to go for prints on your next date or day out, why not give the traditional Indian prints a try? Presenting the age-old affair between the Indian fashion industry and Indian textile, these are the traditional Indian prints that are still relevant to this day. The grace of Kalamkari or the cheerfulness of bandhani, the prints tell the tale of a time immemorial. Imbued with our land’s rich cultural heritage, these prints have made a comeback with a modern rendition. The next time you go for a print parade, you can take a detour from the Western prints and safely rely on the allure of these traditional Indian prints.

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1. Ikat

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In Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Telangana, this print has three variants namely Pochampally ikat, Bandha Ikat, and Double Ikat. This is one of the traditional Indian prints that is created by the Tie and dye process. To give this print a modern transition you can style one item of Ikat with a monochrome solid piece.

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2. Ajrakh

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Found in Gujarat and Rajasthan, this print is prepared by hand block printing technique. With geometrical motifs and vibrant colors, this is one of the Indian prints that use natural dyes. What more? The sheer beauty!

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3. Bandhani

indian prints
Another Indian print from Gujarat and Rajasthan, the bandhani print is still relevant in today’s fashion scenario. Prepared by the tie and dye technique, this print is the oldest in the land. The intricate and lengthy process adds to its USP.

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4. Dabu

Originated in Rajasthan, this print can be witnessed in many contemporary clothing items. Often paired with the earthy shades of blue and indigo, the print is a must-have for the scorching heat.

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5. Kalamkari

The word “kalamkari” translates to “pen art” and just as the name suggests, this is one of the Indian prints, that brims with intricacy and detail. Bringing block printing and organic dyes into play, the print boasts vivid shades.

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Your print choice need not be only polka dots or florals. Take a break from the common prints and add a glamorous update to your style with the traditional Indian prints. The Indian e-commerce channels are already giving you a wide range of the modernized version of these prints and all you need is a little love for our homegrown marvels.

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