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The Fad Of Clay Jewelry And The Mavericks Of The Field

Bidding adieu to metal, we have set sail on our journey of clay jewelry. Presenting a modern take and even upbeat designs, let’s highlight some Instagram business pages that successfully restore our faith in clay jewelry. With an absolutely different approach from the traditional ways and a refined skill set of clay modeling, these small business entrepreneurs are altering the scape of jewelry as we knew it. Presenting a melange of everything eye-pleasing and remarkable, the allure of the jewels showcased on these Instagram handles screams beauty. From minimal to pastel and from intricacy to statement, the creative heads behind these designs are pouring their heart and soul into each masterpiece.

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1. @clay_enchantress

clay jewelry
The sheer beauty of this feed catches your eye at the first glance. The color palette and the detailed elements of the clay jewelry take this page class apart. Handcrafted to perfection, the tribal designs are beaut!


clay jewelry
The cool and earthy shades always exert tranquility. Asserting this statement, this page showcases some of the most outstanding polymer clay pieces. If you thought clay jewelry isn’t for you, think again.

3. @clayed.byrasha

clay jewelry
If minimalism defines your style aesthetics, the page is something you should not miss. From danglers to studs, this is a haven of marvelous pieces.

4. @_shilp_the_indian_handmades_

clay jewelry
When clay jewelry is not enough, here you get the chance to fall for resin wonders as well. Don’t miss the dainty daisy earrings! What more? The tie and dye t-shirts.

5. @adornbyadri

Pretty is what comes to mind when you lay eyes on this feed. Bright shades, marbles, and gemstones. Yes, that’s all you can get here.

6. @shopmindfulvibing

Quirky to the core, the pieces here epitomize the playful side of clay trinkets. Think statement earpieces and stunning mask chains.

I can bet these clay jewelry designers are compelling you to reach for your wallet. Just so you know, it’s worth it!

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