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Key Trends From Paris Couture Week 2021

It’s time we come out of the sweats and reassert our hatred for the stay-at-home life. Understanding this global emotion, Paris couture week 2021 ditched the digital platform and went physical with all its grandeur and essence. Though there were some fashion films, the majority of the collections were showcased physically. The 4 day Paris couture week also had elegant soirees, fashion exhibitions, and small-scale concerts. Taking a detour from the conventional idea of “couture”, design houses like Schiaparelli, Iris Van Harpen, Viktor and Rolf, etc, displayed collections that shattered the norms of couture. Whereas Dior, Chanel, etc upheld the tradition of couture by highlighting their aesthetic. As Paris Couture week 2021 has pulled its curtains, these are the trends that stole our hearts.

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1. Deconstructed Denim

Paris Couture week 2021
Denim, the champion of the daily affair was given an entirely new look at the Paris Couture week 2021. Schiaparelli transformed our version of denim by adding brass accents that gave it a matador look and designers like Jean Paul Gaultier etc redefined the very fabric.

2. Extreme Silhouettes

Paris Couture week 2021
The couture week also witnessed some hybrid silhouette this time. Jean Paul Gaultier altered the look of a trench coat by adding a corset-like structure at the top. However, these combination silhouettes were head turners.

3. Scientific seam

Taking the marriage of science and fashion to a whole new level, some designers presented dresses that defied the very existence of physics. Though science and fashion’s blend is a new one, this alliance coming to couture is sure something.

4. Minimal Maximal

Rethinking this idea of less is more, Balenciaga showcased a collection that ditched embroidery altogether. The collection played around the lines of cuts and color for the optimum output.

Found a look that’s truly commendable? Well, looks this time didn’t spell couture but were definitely extreme.
Tell me in the comments what is your take on this transformation of couture.

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