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Socially Conscious Labels That Are Redefining Shopping

Socially Conscious Labels

When the need of the hour is to do something meaningful, it’s only a matter of time before labels jump on the bandwagon. Design houses are not only thinking about the profit margins anymore but to be more relevant to the changing psyche. Now we see labels that popularize the idea of ‘giving back’. They’re not just environment friendly but also completing their social responsibility. You must have guessed the theme that I am going to talk about by now. As the socially conscious labels are gaining traction, let’s shift our focus to five homegrown powerhouses that are giving back to the industry in a much cooler way.

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1. OhFab

Socially Conscious Labels
The handloom sector was already languishing in the country and then came the worldwide pandemic. The result? Weavers choosing other professions. The dynamic duo of sisters Aanchal and Akshita, launched the label to revive the community of weaving.

2. Six Buttons Down

As climate change is becoming a real threat, the socially conscious labels are doing their bit to reduce the environmental impact of fashion. This label is using handwoven fabrics like upcycled factory deadstock, natural fabric, and recycled yarn to reduce waste.

3. Simply Beautiful Always

Socially Conscious Labels
The brand launched a social enterprise named India’s Karuna Quilt Movement where they had a mission to gift a thousand upcycled quilts to the frontline workers. What makes this initiative even cooler is the fact that these quilts are made by underprivileged and differently-abled craftspeople.

4. Peeli Dori

Uplifting the craft sector of the country, this is one of the socially conscious labels that work with almost 200 artisans. They amplify the reach of their craft by providing them the necessary platform and enhancing their skill sets.

5. Rengé

Reducing their carbon footprint, this fashion label sources surplus fabric that is skin and environment-friendly from warehouses. The pieces sold by them are made to order in a factory that runs on solar power.

As we dream of a greener and cleaner planet, the realm of shopping is also changing. These socially responsible labels are making shopping even cooler. Imagine splurging on a brand that gives back to society. That got to make you feel proud.

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