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Styling Tips 101: Alternatives For Formal Clothes

Ok, I am gonna go ahead and start with a statement that “formals suck”! Yes, you read that right. If you are someone who’s head over heels in love with the allure and drama of fashion, formal clothes are not made for you. Hence, the alternatives for formal clothes. Today, let’s look at the cheat sheet of clothing and how you can smartly avoid those muted and symmetric disasters. Otherwise known as formal clothes. We all fashion lovers have encountered some space that mandated formal wear and if you understand the foundation, there is a way by which you can cheat your way to glamour. So, without further ado, let’s jump into how to cheat the Human Resources.

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1. Mimic the symmetry

alternatives for formal clothes
Formal clothes maintain a strict structure. You will see that these garments have a straight fit and absolutely no free-flowing details. If your office requires you to wear formal and you want to avoid that, make sure your alternatives for formal clothes mimic this structure. No ruffles, asymmetric hems, and loud details.

2. Color palette

alternatives for formal clothes
Formal garments always have a muted or well-balanced color palette. When looking for alternatives for formal clothes, look for earthy or pastel colors. This way you won’t attract any unwanted attention and trigger the HR.

3. Accessories

Loud accessories are a strict no. A formal look calls for subtlety and wearing statement pieces will totally negate that purpose. So, when you are going for alternatives for formal clothes, make sure you are going ahead with minimum use of accessories.

4. Styling

When we talk about formal clothes, one needs to understand that these garments were introduced for the office goers. So, when you are styling your alternative formal wear, please go for minimal accessories and subtle makeup.

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