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Color Forecast Spring Summer 2023

As we look at the color palette for the upcoming year, the connection that our psychology has with the color spectrum, is needless to assert. While we collectively emerge from the socio-political disruption and the ongoing pandemic, the shades will resonate with the symbol of self-expression optimism, and balance. Experts in the domain of color forecasting have identified four key drivers in the consumer mindset that are guiding the selection of the palette for the color forecast for spring summer 2023.

While we still adjust to the ever-changing environment, for the color forecast spring Summer 2023, emotional plurality, healing, romantics, and the metaverse becomes 4 key drivers in selecting the palette. Emotional plurality gave way to colors that resonate with the state of optimism, hope, stability, and balance. As healing becomes a built-in habit consumers will be driven toward colors that support physical and mental well-being. Romantics will channel the love for nature with natural tones and the metaverse makes the case for transformative and hyper-real hues. For those not following the global color forecast agency, WGSN, here’s a summary of color forecast spring summer 2023.

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1. Digital Lavender

Projecting wellness and digital escapism, digital lavender will connect with the growing focus on mental well-being with a significance on stability and balance. For the color forecast spring summer 2023, the shade will converge across both the virtual and physical worlds.

2. Luscious Red

The shade taps into feelings of passion, desire, and empowerment while signaling the return of stimulating and digitized brights. The lightness and transiency inherent in the shade make it feel hyper-real, immersive, and sensory.

3. Sundial

For the cohort of the romantics, organic, naturally driven colors will remain important as they try to connect with the countryside. The earthy tone of the color will remain a key factor as the consumers try to connect with craft, community, and nature.

4. Tranquil Blue

Color Forecast Spring Summer 2023

Emotional plurality being a key mindset, people will seek stillness and tranquility to counterbalance the overwhelming emotions. The shade connects to sustainable values and elements of air and water.

5. Verdigris

Color Forecast Spring Summer 2023

Sitting between green and blue this shade signals a shift towards the invigorating digitized shades. For the color forecast spring summer 2023, experts feel this will be reinterpreted as a progressive youthful bright.

For the optimum result, choose the shade that resonates with your emotional or mental state. While the brights call out the transformation and digitization, the earthy shades for the season will keep you grounded and at peace.

Picture & Research source- WGSN

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