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The Future Of Indian Fashion Is Getting Better & Brighter

Apart from bringing the world to an untimely stop, the pandemic has also made us realize the finiteness of our energy and time. We all have stopped in our tracks and wondered about the ways things were going on around us. As the consumer mindset shifts for the better, it’s not just the fashion industry that’s facing a reckoning. With the year coming to an end, the future of Indian fashion is changing and it’s changing for a better and brighter time. The big picture of the Indian fashion industry now constitutes diversity, sustainability, digital shows, and e-commerce.

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1. Diversity

future of Indian fashion

The future of Indian fashion is something to look forward to as the industry is walking away from the archaic definition of beauty. The Indian fashion industry is now more than the issues of body image, skin tone, and the antique gender norms that exist in India. Case in point, Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s recent campaigns that showcase this change. To quote him, “this is the future of India, and this is the future of fashion.”

2. Sustainability

future of Indian fashion

The “vocal for local” campaign launched earlier this year is all set to change the scope of Indian fashion. The future of Indian fashion now holds sustainability as a key parameter. Though “sustainability” was already a buzzword, the pandemic has ignited this conversation and more brands have started making this a part of the brand narrative.

3. Digital shows

Digital or “phy-gital” shows are now gaining pace with this worldwide crisis. This is not only true for the future of Indian fashion but for the entire industry. With the major fashion weeks opting for the digital format, the physical shows will cease to exist.

4. E-commerce

When it comes to the future of Indian fashion, it’s safe to assert that we are soon going to witness total digitization of the industry. From the Lakme Fashion Week going online to the major brands opening their collection to the tech-savvy audience, the future is becoming more inclusive and conscious.

The fashion industry has operated without ever thinking of its carbon footprint. This pandemic brought a much-awaited awakening. The future of Indian fashion is now more honest and closer to beliefs, values, and aesthetics.

Picture courtesy- Google, Doodlage, Sabyasachi

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