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Welcoming The Winter

After a sizzling hot summer, the time has come to embrace the winter. However, it’s only the season that has changed. We are still hanged up on the fashion revival mission. This winter get ready to pull out everything heritage and eighties. Here’s your cue for the winter wardrobe.

1. Layers

This season is all about layering. But layering can get tricky. Take a cue from Balenciaga, Missoni etc. Ace this game by putting a thicker coat over a thinner one.

2. Animal Prints

Animal prints ruled the summer season and it seems they are here in the winter season too. Get your leopard game up ladies.

3. The Neons

Worried that winter is going to be dull? Well, it’s not with the trend that Prada is bringing into the season. Prada is introducing this whole range of new neons that range from a fruity watermelon colour to everything sweet.

4. Cardigans

Do you find them to cringe-worthy? Worry not, as cardigans are going to be the trending topic the season. So, what are you waiting for? Start pulling out all the old cardigans and rock it.

Don’t like winter? Fashion has got you covered.

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