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Winter Styling: This Is How To Ace It With A Slip Dress

With Christmas right around the corner, winter season is upon us. Are you all decked up with your winter essentials and just wondering for the right amount of oomph in your winter styling? Your search ends here. For the winter styling directory, I have brought in one of the summer faves. As we can’t get …

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Winter Styling Tips To Follow This Season

The season of chills can be a tricky time of the year. For all the fashionistas out there, some winter styling tips can definitely come handy. From Christmas to Valentine’s Day, it’s imperative that the graph of your style statement only goes up. With these chic and spectacular styling tips, take your fashion game a …

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Fashion Trends That You Need In Your Wardrobe Now

With all the new trends in the display, it’s becoming hard to find the perfect fashion trend to follow. The struggle doesn’t end there. After you have chosen the perfect trend, comes the Insta-worthy clicks. In case you chose the wrong trend, your life will do down the wrong lane. What if I tell you …