The Indian Fashion Industry And The Handcrafted Fashion

When it comes to the Indian Fashion Industry, the crafts of the land deserves a due mention. What brought the entire world to a screeching halt, has proved to be a blessing in disguise for the Indian fashion industry. As the consumer mindset has shifted and they are getting inclined towards the Indian handicrafts, the Indian artisans are getting the impending recognition. The traditional Indian crafts are making it to the big league thanks to the labels revolutionizing the rural artisan communities. From designers teaching us who makes our clothes to magazines bringing out the best of these handcrafted pieces, the Indian fashion industry is more than what meets the eye.

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1. Sensual Silks

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What is the Indian Fashion Industry without the 12 yards of magic? From a traditional drape to a 21st-century take, a saree can bear it all. Hence, every wardrobe is incomplete without the silks of the land I.e., Tussar, Kanjeevaram etc.

2. Tie-dye

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Tie-dye has revolutionized the realm of the Indian Fashion Industry. A print that is equal parts classy and opulent, tells the tale of the artisans working on it. Be it Japanese inspired shibori or Rajasthani bandhani, designers like Divyam Mehta and Anushree Reddy are all set to bring the art to the mainstream.

3. Patchwork

The craft taken from the lanes of Gujarat and Rajasthan is transforming the domain of Indian fashion. Also called Kutch work, banjara and kantha, labels like Tilla, 11.11 etc are bringing the Indian handicraft into the limelight.

4. Block Prints

Being one of the much loved Indian handicrafts, block printed pieces are becoming a consumer favourite. Thanks to labels like Buna and ASA Clothing, we can now see a contemporised version of the craft.

The fashion industry is now focused towards the artisan community of the nation and amplifying their reach to a global audience. Isn’t that something we all have been longing for?

Tell me in the comments what is that one traditional piece you can’t do without.

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