The Indian Fashion Industry And The Traditional Crafts Of The Land

What brought the entire world to a screeching halt, has proved to be a blessing in disguise for the Indian fashion industry. With the consumer focus shifting from the high-end imported picks to the locally crafted masterpieces, the Indian artisans are getting the impending recognition. The traditional Indian crafts are making it to the big league thanks to the labels revolutionizing the rural artisan communities. From designers teaching us who makes our clothes to magazines bringing out the best of these handcrafted pieces, the Indian fashion industry is more than what meets the eye.

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1. Threadwork

Indian Fashion Industry

The Indian fashion industry has come to rely upon the magic that is thread-work for centuries. From Kullu to Bihar, from Maheshwar to Bengal, tales have been told with the spools of thread. With Cord Studio and Péro, we are sure to witness a design intervention in the traditional thread-work.

2. Chanderi

Indian Fashion Industry

Perhaps one of the most popular handlooms of the nation, Maheshwar’s Chanderi is a dominant fabric in the Indian fashion industry. Till date, chanderi remains one of the most coveted thanks to designers like Urvasi Kaur who are giving a contemporary spin to the antique.

3. Bengal tant

Indian Fashion Industry

The textiles of Bengal are as rich as it’s culture. The handlooms being a pre-colonial tradition, the Tant and Jamdani sarees become iconic. Labels like Yavi and Akaaro are reimagining the age-old in terms of the millennials.

4. East essentials

The designers from the East are redefining the very appeal of their handloom tradition by transforming the essence by contemporary needs. The Indian fashion industry now witnesses labels like Ura Maku, Kuka Mizo etc that brim with unique tenets and creative energies.

5. Ikat

The Fashion industry in India is now changing the terms of a new season with the traditional Indian crafts. Thanks to Rina Singh of Ekà, the archaic art of double ikat will now reach a global audience with her Autumn-winter 2020-21 collection.

The fashion industry is now focused towards the artisan community of the nation and amplifying their reach to a global audience. Traditional Indian crafts making rounds of the international fashion scapes, the dream isn’t that far-fetched anymore.

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