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Fashion Vocab: Types Of Pockets

A feature that adds utility to any piece of garment, a feature that marks the sartorial landmark in the history of clothing, a feature that redefines functionality. It’s quite safe to assert that this impeccable element of clothing is an imperative one and the time has come to get a vocab check for this. Let’s talk about the unsung glory of “pockets”. Solving abundant problems and making our garments functional doesn’t define the types of pockets we witness. What makes the pockets a success story is the design process of a particular garment. You already have experienced different types of pockets and I assure you, there are many more to discover. In case you have been going round and round in order to explain a style of pocket, get acquainted with the key types of pockets here!

The usage of pockets is not only functional but also decorative. Having evolved with time, this element is present in almost every style of clothing. There’s extensive use of “pockets” in today’s designer as well as utilitarian clothing. The types of pockets are segregated into three main categories i.e., patch pocket, set-in pocket, and seam pocket.

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1. Patch pocket

types of pockets
This style of pocket comes as one of the most basic ones. The pocket can be identified with a patch of fabric over the surface of a garment to make a pocket.

2. Flap pockets

types of pockets
Flap pockets are one of the types of pockets that not seen in today’s fashion scenario. The style can be identified with a flap that covers the pocket opening. With limited scope, this pocket is seen in suit jackets.

3. Kangaroo pockets

types of pockets
Resembling the style of kangaroo pouch this type of pocket is mainly attached in tracksuits or hoodies.

4. Set-in pockets

types of pockets
When it comes to types of pockets this is one of the styles that doesn’t show on the outside. Here the pocket compartment is usually placed on the inside of a garment. Some variants in this types of pocket are jetted pocket and welt pocket.

5. Curved inset pocket

A variant of the set-in pocket the curved inset pocket is mainly featured in jeans.

6. Slash pocket

This style is identified with a slash-like feature that starts at the waist and follows a diagonal line to the side seam of the garment. Often found on jeans, pants, and shorts, the line of the pocket can be curved or straight.

7. Seam pocket

This is one of the types of pockets that are sewn into the side seam of the garment. This style can be identified by the opening presented as a gap in the seam.

This basic glossary of types of pockets presents the basic and most commonly used styles. Apart from the functional ones, garments nowadays use faux pockets as well.

Now that you know a lot about pockets, do you think it’s time for a little show-off?

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