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Small Indian Businesses That Are Redefining Entrepreneurship

As the idea for “vocal for local” is gaining momentum, it’s time we tune our attention towards the small Indian businesses. From creativity to customer satisfaction, these small houses are brimming with all. Got a weakness for a statement? Or maybe the traditional crafts of the nation? These small Indian businesses cater to all such aspirations and more with such visually appealing Instagram feeds that will satiate all your aesthetic needs. From ideation to prototyping, and from manufacturing to execution, the entrepreneurs pour their heart out for their brainchild. As I am talking about small Indian businesses, these four deserve a due mention.

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1. The Zari Art

small indian businesses

When you are looking for handcrafted Banaras sarees, this is the destination for you. Be it Patola silk or organza, this is one of the small Indian businesses that beautifully showcases the elegance of the Indian traditional sarees.

2. Karmane

small indian businesses

Handmade jewelry? Check. Sustainable? Check. Creative? Double-check. A one-stop solution for all your jewelry needs, the founder Praseedha Sudhakaran takes care of all the aspects from ideation to packaging herself. With designs to die for, the products are packed with environment-friendly material.

3. Terrastones

What’s better than jewelry? Handcrafted jewelry. When it comes to small Indian businesses, Terrastones is one such venture that deserves a spot. With products crafted of clay, the platform showcases an array of options. They offer customized designs as well.

4. Lokoboko Store

One of a kind designs and comfortable fits, this is what defines Lokoboko Store. If you are looking for the trendiest and sustainable clothing, this is where your search ends.

Small Indian businesses have a lot to offer to their customers. As the designs are not mass-produced, you are going to invest in unique designs. What else? How about their focus on being sustainable? It’s time we go vocal for local and head to these lesser-known brands.

Picture courtesy- Respective brands

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