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Big Collar Top; The Reemergence Of Grandeur

Fashion embodies drama and what is fashion without that in these trying times. Tracking the trajectory of a micro, soon-to-be macro, trend, let’s highlight the big collar energy today. As the virtual meetings and dates are ruling us, fashion punctuates the mundane with its newest baby. Big collar top! Since we are back indoors, let’s make the best of the tragedy with these over-the-top and quintessential pieces. After the voluminous sleeves last season, we are ushering fun back in dressing with the big collar top. As the name suggests, the trend brims with aspects of statement and playfulness. Merging cheerfulness into any ensemble, the trend has been gaining momentum. Before it fades into the hands of the time, here’s what you need to know about the big collar energy.

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1. Trend trajectory

big collar top
Over the past few seasons, we witnessed the use of big collar tops on the runways. Designers all around the globe displayed their creative iterations of the trend. It’s only after ‘dressing from the waist up’ approach that brands started playing with the practical renditions of the trend.

2. Big collar energy

big collar top
It’s needless to say the trend satiates the need for a statement. With added chic comes confidence and that’s what the trend evokes. Think showing up in a somber situation with a flair of absolute royalty that is a big collar top.

3. Practical usage

As the brands came forward with their runway-approved silhouette, social media influencers have showcased some pretty and practical usage of the trend. People have been loving the trend to an extent that a mere search of #bigcollar on Instagram gives a result of 13.1k.

4. Styling bits

Channeling your big collar energy is an easy task. Pair the big collar top with a fitted bottom for a balanced look. Feeling risqué? Include patterns in your ensemble. The more, the merrier! For a stupendous turn, play with the palette.

For the commitment-phobes, if sticking to this trend scares you, try your hands on the detachable collars available online. Be that as it may, there’s no escape from this one.

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