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Fashion Vocab 101: Types Of Buttons

Been quite a while and I am back with the segment of fashion vocab. Today’s topic? A minuscule but so very important part of apparel. We use this element in almost everything and it’s a life-saver. From jeans to a shirt to a super fancy top, it remains constant. However, we hardly try to identify it based on their design or to know their respective names. Today, I am going to talk about the types of buttons. Yes, you read it right. For most of us, the “thing” that helps us fasten our shirt or jeans is buttons. Have you ever wondered what are the various types of buttons? No right? Well, no more. With this, let’s get acquainted with the types of buttons.

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1. Flat buttons

types of buttons

Flat buttons have a flat surface and are generally identified by two or four holes. One of the most common when it comes to types of buttons, this variant is easy to sew and appears mostly on shirts. A flat button complements the garment better as it stays put against the surface of the fabric.

2. Stud buttons

types of buttons

These look like studs and are commonly used in the manufacturing of jeans. These types of buttons are of two separate pieces which are pressed together to form a single unit. This type of button is mainly used on coarse or dense fabrics as these are attached to the buttonhole without using thread.

3. Hook and eye buttons

types of buttons

These are a type of fasteners that solve the purpose of a button and are usually found in formal attire. This type of button is identified with a small hook on one side and an eye-like fixture on the other side. This button comes in different sizes and it’s great when it comes to a sturdy fixture.

4. Shank buttons

As compared to flat buttons shank buttons do not have any holes on the surface. These types of buttons are sewed by the loop that’s on the back. This style of button is always slightly raised against the fabric because of the loop at the back.

5. Snap buttons

Like the eye and hook button, these types of buttons also have two separate pieces that attach together to fasten the garment. These types of buttons have a male and a female part where one attaches to the other.

You were today years old when you came to know the proper names of buttons. Now that you know the names, don’t forget to show off your knowledge regarding the types of buttons.

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