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The Blend Of Tradition and Tech: NFT in Indian Fashion

NFT or the non-fungible tokens are taking the creative domain by storm. Art, as we knew it is fast changing to cater to the virtual needs that caught pace because of the pandemic. Though digital assets, NFTs are a little different than cryptocurrencies. The non-fungible assets are units of data stored on a blockchain. Bought and sold by Ethereum and Bitcoin, it’s their uniqueness that makes the NFTs so valuable. These digital assets are used to represent videos, photos, and other digital files.

NFTs are changing the definition of collectibles in the domain of fashion. They are bringing a new level of exclusivity to luxury wear. As the discussion on “metaverse” is gaining traction, fashion is coming on board to dress the digital realm. Collectors around the globe are investing in the digital version of couture, streetwear, and accessories. This channel of digital fashion is making “fashion” more relatable since the collectors can now stylize their online presence using the fashion NFTs.

Names like Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci are already getting associated with the world of NFT. However, as this discussion of NFT and fashion takes a turn towards India, the discourse seems to fade. In a place like India, where culture and heritage dictate the weaves of the nation, NFT can bring a profound revolution. Apart from creating a niche space for culture and heritage within the metaverse, the presence of Indian fashion in this digital realm can help increase the popularity of our heritage weaves.


For a country that revels in the pride of its traditional wear, NFTs can prove beneficial. Though taking the craft to the digital platform would strip it of its tactile appeal, the global coverage will push the physical sale. Case in point, Brooklyn-based designer Ravi Singh’s first digital Indian traditional wear collection. He presented a “Sherwani” and “Lehenga Choli” in the collection. To quote the designer, “I was excited by the intersection of crypto and the metaverse — digital worlds layered on top of our physical reality. But this is more than about digital fashion — it’s about creating culturally inclusive spaces in the metaverse. It’s about inspiring more metaverse artists from all backgrounds, from Africa to South America, to India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.” As the experts predict a more digitized future for fashion, NFTs become a definite way to bring Indian traditional fashion into the forefront.

The uniqueness that’s being associated with the NFTs will bring an air of exclusivity to the digital pieces from Indian wear which will simultaneously amplify the reach of our heritage weaves. As we pitch the timelessness of fashion, the digital platform fortifies the eternal approach. For regions that are yet to experience the allure of Indian fashion, can get on board this plane with the fashion NFTs.

Introducing the idea of “forever” in fashion, the amalgamation of beauty and digital specs will flourish the Indian fashion industry giving us the much sought-after stage. After all, “Everything that has existed, lingers in the Eternity.”

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