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Menswear Color Trends For Spring-Summer 2022

A new season is upon us and you will witness aplenty sources talking about the new fashion and color trends for spring-summer 2022, womenswear. Changing the course of this narrative, let’s look into the menswear colors for the season of spring-summer 2022. The menswear color trends are bringing calming hues along with vibrant and energetic brights. Brands are envisioning a hopeful season with the emergence of classics, pastels, and bright shades. Supporting the laid-back and mindful behavior of the consumers, the quieter colors will rule the retails. Complementing the mood of well-being, the consumers will be experimenting with brighter shades bordering towards neons. The menswear color trends for spring-summer 2022 are sure sensual and well, fashionable.

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1. Palette of pastel

Menswear Color Trends
A shift towards mental well-being is well evident in the market. Brands are now rethinking their design ethos to match the mood of the consumers. For the menswear color trends, we will see an emergence of pastel shades. Calming and eye-soothing pastels are going to rule the shelves for spring-summer 2022. You can mix and match the shades or style the pastels with soft stripes, and psychedelic prints.

2. Ginger Biscuit

Menswear Color Trends
Add a tinge of sophistication to any look, be it daywear or nightwear. This warm shade of ginger biscuit can oomph up any attire. This trans-seasonal color can be paired with summer bright shades or neutral tones. For the summer season, it’s better styled with lighter tones.

3. Optic White

Menswear Color Trends

Oozing a sense of rejuvenation, this shade for menswear color trends can be used in accessories. A must-have shade for the spring-summer 2022, the presence of white in any look can accentuate the style. You can either go with a white-on-white look or make it stand out with a single white piece.

4. Color me Clay

Menswear Color Trends
Evoke the explorer in you that’s craving for the outdoor scenes. In the menswear color trends, we will witness the use of neutral shades that can be associated with the calm and serene nature. To ace this shade, it can be either used with utility pieces or something maximal.

5. Mango mania

Menswear Color Trends
When it’s summer trends we are talking about, bright shades like this one becomes a must. An invigorating shade, this brings out exuberance. You can style this color with pieces in clay, beige or white tones. If you are not in the mood of playing safe, try pairing it with summer brights.

6. Silver Grey

Menswear Color Trends
Taking a hint from the womenswear AW-21 silvers, menswear color trends is witnessing a shift from silver to metallic grey. This tint is sure to complement the clean looks. For a minimal outlook, pair this shade with grey tones or bring out a relaxed look with pastels.

7. Hyper Pink

The recent runways have proved that colors need not be gender-specific. The menswear color trends for spring-summer 2022 are witnessing a steady growth in demand for shades of pink. Go back to teel-good times with this 90s rave influence. It is needless to say that this shade is not for the faint-hearted. Go for a monochromatic look or mix and match with darker shades.

8. Deep Indigo

A perfect fit for bespoke clothing, suiting, and summer jackets, the shade of deep indigo looks towards traditional sustainability. Play with this shade using textures. Cotton, summer knits, etc will be key to this shade.

9. Lime Green

Take a stroll towards digital futurism and escapism with this neon shade. Using this color can be a challenge for the guys. I suggest styling this shade in erratic prints or lighter tones.

The menswear color trends bring a plethora of shades for guys to try. Gentlemen, please let go of the basics and come out of your comfort zone to make your feed more desirable. This season looks exhilarating for the guys, only if they stay with the trend.

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